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Welcome back me 🙂 Finally got something to write. hehhe .. I’ll be having off for 2 months, with plan : nada. My only plan at the moment, is to prepare my body to be a comfort zone for a very happy and healthy baby, control my health, and loose some pounds. It’s quite tough plans, so have mercy on me 😀

You know what I thought this noon ? some letters my grandma kept for us to find, after her funeral. Some were love letters from my grandpa, some were personal notes to explain us about things in her life, to clear misunderstandings, and some were just her notes to herself. I remembered how old the papers were, and how overwhelmed we were when we sat together, reading those letters. She was most special lady I know in my life. She had a very full life, and precious memories to everyone who knows her. May she rest in peace. Miss you so much, gram..

But my point is.. It is very sweet to leave some words, to those you leave behind when your time come. Not a letter you write when you’re dying, it mostly causes tears, but those you write when you feel like you wanna laugh and want your grand daughter to laugh too when she reads about that. Those moments when you’re so in love with this great man, and want to share that butterfly feeling with your daughter. Things that needs to be written in that very moment, when you still smile when you type the first word 🙂

Well.. this is my new year resolution… I pray google a long life, so my grand daughter can still access this page and smile.

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One thought on “Holiday!

  1. very moving blog. I know how it feels to know about someone you was so very dear to you. I sometimes remember my father’s words and his actions and his values. He used to advice me to be simple and very generous and a man whom people and relatives relied on. Even if I could become a percent of him, I will consider my life to be success, inshALLAH.

    I know your grandma was a great women. I dont forget her hand holding mine. I still see that birthday video. She was very special and will live in our hearts for a lifetime.

    And pray your grandchildren access this blog of your and read their grandpa’s comment .. hehe.


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