Look at the birdy come to sky as white as your crystal eyes I am shiny, oh this morning feels […]

I made this song yesterday. Suddenly miss my Dad so much.. Shall mix the melody today itself. Hope you like […]

Far and away,stay as a whisper of a gloomy dayor as painful faith from a mourning prayfor whatever it may, […]

Welcome back me 🙂 Finally got something to write. hehhe .. I’ll be having off for 2 months, with plan […]

These days, closer to the election day here in Indonesia, many crazy things you wouldn’t believe could ever happen until […]

Hope, it makes you shines and glow. Wake you up in freezing morning, and keep you step up. No matter […]

My uncle, was 46 years old, just passed away last week. Too much shocking because he had no illness whatsoever, […]

Couple days back then, I was watching my favorite TV series, and heard this interesting dialogue between the main character […]